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How To Export Google Reader Feeds Into Opera

By , 19 March 2013

How To Export Google Reader Feeds Into Opera
How To Export Google Reader Feeds Into Opera

Everyone is up in a storm since Google announced they were killing Google Reader. Although I liked Google Reader, I believe change creates opportunities and unsurprisingly a better solution for feed reading presented itself almost immediately. In fact it was already installed on my system.

It's called Opera.

I installed Opera to read email when Mozilla killed Thunderbird and after some heavy customisation I'd say it works pretty well. It's much faster than Thunderbird for a start.

Now it looks like Opera is not only going to save my RSS feeds, but make my news reading more organised thanks to it's flexible user interface.

So here is a quick howto with screenshots for people who need to get off Google Reader and want to try out Opera.

How To Export Google Reader Feeds Into Opera

1. Log into Reader and find the settings link up the top left.


2. Go to Import/Export and select "Download your data through Takeout".


3. Download and unzip the archive.


4. Find the Import Feed List link in the Opera menu.



5. Select the subscriptions.xml file from the Google archive which you unzipped and you're done.





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How To Export Google Reader Feeds Into Opera

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Comment posted by: Brian, 2 years ago

Perfect! Thanks for the write-up, made things easy. 

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