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Alt-Tab Shortcuts Broken In Ubuntu Lucid With XModMap

By , 15 December 2011

Alt-Tab Shortcuts Broken In Ubuntu Lucid With XModMap

I use xmodmap to turn caps-lock into an extra modifier for special keys and shortcuts. Since upgrading finally to Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS, I've had a problem with the Caps-Lock modifier key (Mode_switch) getting stuck when I accidentally press the Shift key. When I get it unstuck by pressing the same combination of Caps, Shift and one of my special keys, all my X-Windows shortcuts like Alt-Tab and Function keys stop working.

It's freaking annoying, however I finally found a workaround in Red Hat Bug 513815 and Bug 508434...

$ setxkbmap -layout jp

This resets your keyboard to it's original state. In my case the layout is japanese. You will probably want 'us' for US keyboards. Now you can reapply your xmodmap settings:

$ xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc

It's still flaky, but it gets me back on the road.

Alt-Tab Shortcuts Broken In Ubuntu Lucid With XModMap

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